Latest Complete Import Customs Procedures for Steel

Vietnam is witnessing strong economic growth, driving soaring demand for steel in industries such as construction, automotive manufacturing, shipbuilding and machinery manufacturing. However, domestic steel production capacity is still insufficient, forcing Vietnam to seek supply from abroad to ensure production and construction progress. 

Understanding this, SSR Logistics would like to share the following important information to help businesses grasp the most effective steel import procedures. 

Steel Import Policy in Vietnam 

Imported steel into Vietnam comes in various forms such as coils, bars, pipes, plates. However, when carrying out import procedures, steel is divided into two main types: 

  • Import procedures for new steel: New steel is not on the list of prohibited imports. Therefore, businesses can import new steel following normal procedures. 
  • Import procedures for used steel: Used steel must be imported as scrap and requires an import permit. 

The procedures for importing different types of steel are regulated in the following legal documents: 

  • Circular 58/2015/TTLT-BCT-BKHCN  
  • Circular 18/2017/TT-BCT  
  • Circular 38/2015/TT-BTC; amended 39/2018/TT-BTC  
  • Decree 69/2018/ND-CP  
  • Decree 15/2018/ND-CP  
  • Decision 583/QD-TCHQ  
  • Decision 3390/QD-BCT  
  • Decision 920/QD-BCT  
  • Official Letter 638/TCHQ-TXNK  
  • Circular 14/2017/TT-BCT replacing Circular 12/2015/TT-BCT  
  • Circular 28/2012/TT-BKHCN and Circular 02/2017/TT-BKHCN  
  • Circular 27/2012/TT-BKHCN and Circular 07/2017/TT-BKHCN 

Businesses need to classify the steel (new or used) to apply the correct import procedures as regulated. Full compliance with the processes and notes will help ensure smooth, legal imports and avoid potential risks. 

HS Codes and Taxes for Steel Imports to Vietnam 

HS codes for steel imports to Vietnam 

There are many different types of steel, and each type will have its import regulations. When importing steel, businesses need to pay special attention to checking the quality of imported goods. 

The HS codes for importing steel to Vietnam depend on the specific type of steel. However, all types of steel fall under Chapter 72 of Vietnam’s Import Tariff Schedule

Quality inspection of steel is very important to ensure that imported goods meet technical and safety standards. Businesses can conduct quality inspections themselves or hire a qualified third party.  

Taxes for steel imports to Vietnam 

In addition to import duties and value-added tax (VAT) under general regulations, imported steel may also be subject to special taxes depending on the type of steel and country of origin. Businesses need to pay close attention to these regulations to ensure full tax compliance and avoid legal risks. 

  • Safeguard tax: According to Decision 2968/QD-BCT, Official Letters 10704/BCT-QLCT and 1099/BCT-QLCT, imported steel billets and long steel products may be subject to safeguard tax. 
  • Anti-dumping tax: According to Decision 1656/QD-BCT dated 29/4/2016 of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, some cold-rolled stainless steel products in coils or plates imported from China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan may be subject to anti-dumping tax. 
  • Anti-dumping tax on coated steel: According to Decision 1105/QD-BCT dated 30/3/2017 of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, imported coated steel products may be subject to anti-dumping tax. 
  • Temporary anti-dumping tax on H-beams: According to Decision 957/QD-BCT dated 21/03/2017 of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, some H-beam steel products originating from China may be subject to temporary anti-dumping tax. 

The above decisions specify the HS codes of imported steel products subject to taxes. Businesses need to research and match with their specific products when legally importing steel. 


Customs Dossier for Steel Imports 

To complete steel import customs procedures, businesses need to prepare the following documents fully and accurately when carrying out steel import customs procedures: 

  • Customs declaration 
  • Sales contract 
  • Packing list 
  • Commercial invoice 
  • Bill of lading 
  • Certificate of origin (if any) 
  • Certificate of quality inspection for imported goods (if any) 
  • Product catalog (if any) 
  • Other documents as required by customs authorities 


  • All documents must be complete, accurate, and valid. 
  • Documents must be translated into Vietnamese if not issued in Vietnamese. 
  • Businesses may need to provide additional documents depending on customs regulations and the specific type of imported steel.  

Quality Inspection Process for Steel Imports 

According to Circular 58/2015/TTLT-BCT-BKHCN, most imported raw steel products must undergo quality inspection. The quality inspection process for imported steel includes the following steps: 

Step 1: Register information on the National Single Window system  

The importing business registers information about the imported steel consignment on the National Single Window system of the General Department of Customs. The registration dossier includes: 

  • “Registration for state quality inspection of imported goods” form 
  • Conformity declaration for imported steel products 
  • Copies of contract, list of goods (if any) 
  • Copies of bill of lading, invoice, certificate of origin (if any) 
  • Import customs declaration 
  • Product sample photos or descriptions 
  • Samples of imported goods labels bearing the conformity mark and supplementary labels (if needed) 
  • CFS circulation permit (if any) 

Step 2: Sampling and quality inspection 

  • After registering, the business will be assigned a quality inspection code number. 
  • The business brings the steel consignment to the designated quality inspection facility for sampling and inspection according to prescribed technical standards. 

Step 3: Receive results and upload them to National Single Window 

  • After quality inspection, the inspection facility will issue a Certificate of Quality Inspection for Imported Goods to the business. 
  • The business uploads the quality inspection results to the General Department of Customs’ National Single Window system. 


  • Quality inspection for imported steel must not exceed 10 working days from receipt of the registration dossier. 
  • If quality inspection results do not meet requirements, the business must implement remedial measures as regulated. 
  • Businesses can authorize a third party to carry out steps in the imported steel quality inspection process. 

Process and Procedures for Importing Steel to Vietnam 

Step 1: Customs Declaration 

  • Collect all import/export documents: contract, commercial invoice, packing list, bill of lading, certificate of origin, cargo arrival notice, and determine the HS code for the steel. 
  • Use specialized software to enter declaration information into the customs system. 
  • After successful declaration, register the quality inspection dossier on the National Single Window system (if the steel type requires inspection per regulations). 

Step 2: Open Customs Declaration 

  • Print out the declared customs declaration. 
  • Submit the customs declaration along with the import dossier to the competent customs sub-department to open the declaration. 
  • Carry out import procedures according to the declaration stream (green, yellow, red) assigned by the customs system. 

Step 3: Customs Clearance 

  • Customs inspects the import dossier. 
  • If the dossier is valid, customs approves clearance of the declaration. 
  • The business pays import duties as regulated to clear the goods. 

Step 4: Receive and Store Goods 

  • Complete customs clearance declaration. 
  • Carry out necessary procedures to receive goods and store them at the warehouse for use.

SSR Logistics’ All-in-One Steel Import Customs Service 

SSR Logistics proudly provides comprehensive steel import customs clearance services in Vietnam. We are committed to delivering fast, professional, and comprehensive services to import/export businesses. 

Reasons to choose SSR Logistics’ service: 

  • Fast customs declaration time: Our experienced team of experts will help businesses complete customs declarations in the shortest time possible. 
  • Customer information confidentiality: We understand the importance of protecting customer information. All information provided will be kept confidential. 
  • Professional consultation: Our dedicated staff have over 15 years of experience in customs clearance. We provide comprehensive advice on documents, procedures, HS code assignments, C/O, and related issues. 
  • All-in-one transportation service: SSR Logistics provides integrated transportation services combined with customs clearance. This saves businesses from having to deal with multiple service providers for imports or exports. 
  • Transparent information: We always provide clear and transparent information on taxes, fees, and related charges. 
  • Complete documentation: SSR Logistics will provide all necessary documents to facilitate business declarations to state agencies before, during, and after customs clearance. 

By choosing SSR Logistics’ all-in-one steel import service, businesses can save time, and costs and have peace of mind throughout the import/export process. 

Comprehensive-steel-Import-Customs-procedures-Services-to-VietnamAll-in-One Steel Import Customs Procedures Service in Vietnam 

SSR Logistics’ Services: 

  • Consultation on steel import customs procedures in Vietnam 
  • Preparation of complete and accurate customs dossiers 
  • Electronic customs declaration 
  • Resolution of any issues arising during clearance 
  • Advice on import taxes and related fees 
  • Transportation of goods to Vietnam 

Through this article, SSR Logistics hopes customers now have an overview of the conditions, processes, and customs procedures for importing steel to Vietnam. For more articles, please visit our Logistics Knowledge section.    

SSR looks forward to becoming your reliable logistics partner, providing optimal solutions for your importing and exporting business. Should you have any question regarding our services, please feel free to contact us for specific advice.   

With our experienced team, extensive network and flexible shipping & customs solutions, SSR Logistics is confident to deliver excellent services to our clients.  

Businesses that need customs and import-export, please contact SSR Logistics via Hotline (+84) 911 988 484 or leave your information here for specific advice. 

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