Overview of Import Procedures for Goods from Korea

The import procedures for Korean goods have likely been a highly emphasized concern recently. South Korea, being one of the largest economies in Asia with a reputable consumer product market, has become an attractive destination for importers worldwide. However, the import procedures and regulations from Korea are quite complex, requiring importers to understand the rules regarding duties, licenses, and quarantine. 

Understanding that SSR Logistics will provide you with an overview of the procedures and regulations for importing goods from the Korean market. Specifically, the article will cover key issues such as the customs system, types of import licenses, customs procedures and quarantine to note when importing from Korea. We hope that through this article, readers can grasp the basic steps in the import process, thereby planning and executing the import of goods into this potential market. 

Import Procedures for Goods from Korea 

Step 1: Verify Import Documents 

Documents include: 

  • International Sale Contract 
  • Commercial Invoice 
  • Packing List 
  • Import Customs Declaration 
  • Payment Slip for State Budget 
  • Import License (if applicable) 
  • Transport Document (Bill of Lading) 

Procedures-for-Importing-Goods-from-Korea-to-VietnamImport Procedures for Goods from Korea 

Step 2: Submit Electronic Customs Declaration 

The company registers an account on the customs system to declare. After declaration, the declaration will be classified as green, yellow or red corresponding to different inspection levels. 

 >>> See more about selectivity of customs declaration form  

Step 3: Pay Duties and Receive Delivery Order 

To save time, companies pay duties during the customs declaration process. They then receive a letter of introduction, shipping documents, import goods notice and other related papers to go through customs clearance procedures and take delivery of cargo. 

To save time, companies pay duties during customs declaration and clearance. They then receive a delivery order consisting of: 

  • Letter of introduction from the receiving company stated in the import goods notice 
  • Shipping documents 
  • Import goods notice 

Especially for certain container shipments, additional documents are required such as container borrowing slip, empty container de-hiring slip, delivery deadline, and invoice. Subsequently, the company carries out further steps: 

  • Submit customs declaration to clear and take delivery of goods 
  • Print goods receipt/handover and liquidation documents 
  • After e-declaration clearance, access the customs website to print the declaration barcode and container receipt. Use the 2 barcodes for liquidation procedures with customs and port authorities to release the container to the client. 
  • After completing liquidation, send the goods receipt and empty container de-hiring slip for a truck to take delivery of goods. 

Step 4: Receive Goods and Transport to Warehouse 

After completing customs procedures, receive goods and arrange inland transport to a safe warehouse. Check goods categories, quantity and quality before warehousing. 

Common Import Goods from Korea 

Goods that are often imported from Korea include: mobile phones and components, computers and electronics, metals, machinery and equipment, chemicals, iron and steel, plastics, rubber, footwear, animal feed, transportation vehicles, garment and textiles, pepper seeds, coffee, wood and wood products, etc. 

Shipment Times from Korea to Vietnam 

Standard ocean shipment times from Korea to Vietnam are around 7-12 days, depending on various factors like port locations, holidays, weather conditions, cargo types and industry capacity: 

  • Port locations: Central city ports vs. suburban/rural ports impact transit times. 
  • Holidays and lunar new year: Major Korean and Vietnamese holidays, extended employee breaks can affect cargo handling progress. 
  • Weather and sea conditions: Bad weather, major storms can delay vessel schedules. 

Procedures-for-Importing-Goods-from-Korea-to-VietnamImport procedure services from Korea to Vietnam

  • Cargo types: Special goods, quarantine items, restricted goods require more documents and procedures hence slower transit. 
  • Port operations: Congestion and delays at ports can slow down cargo handling and shipments. 

SSR Logistics – Reliable Korea Import Services 

SSR Logistics is a leading international freight forwarder and customs brokerage service provider in Vietnam, offering reliable Korean freight services. With over 15 years of experience in logistics, we emphasize transparency, and legality and are committed to providing comprehensive, cost and time-saving solutions for our clients. 

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We can provide all-inclusive quotations, covering duties, international and domestic shipping fees, customs clearance, licenses, etc. to assist customers in making business decisions. 

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  • Special support for new clients 

For newcomers, we provide special consulting on procedures, paperwork, negotiations with partners, filing instructions, etc. 

  • Commitment to high-quality services 

We commit to putting our clients’ interests first and provide sincere, attentive services. We offer support throughout the transaction as well as after completion to ensure client satisfaction. 

Through this article, SSR hopes clients have better understanding of the import procedures, lead time and documentation from Korea to Vietnam. For more articles, please visit our Logistics Knowledge section.  

SSR looks forward to becoming your reliable logistics partner, providing optimal solutions for your importing and exporting business. Should you have any question regarding our services, please feel free to contact us for specific advice.  

With our experienced team, extensive network and flexible shipping & customs solutions, SSR Logistics is confident to deliver excellent services to our clients. 
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