SSR Logistics Becomes an Official Member of the Vietnam Logistics Business Association (VLA)

2024 marks a pivotal moment for SSR Logistics as it attains official membership in the Vietnam Logistics Service Business Association (VLA). This noteworthy achievement not only opens doors for collaboration with top players in the logistics industry but also solidifies SSR Logisticsposition and capabilities in both the domestic and international logistics markets.

Reasons for SSR Logistics Joining VLA 

Amid the explosion of e-commerce, the logistics industry in Vietnam is witnessing unprecedented growth in scale and quality. Consequently, the demand for comprehensive and advanced logistics solutions that can keep up with the pace is continuously increasing. Recognizing this trend, SSR Logistics, a leading and reputable logistics solutions provider in Vietnam, has decided to join the Vietnam Logistics Business Association (VLA). 

This strategic move is a significant step, opening up extensive collaboration opportunities for SSR Logistics to further affirm its leadership position in the logistics industry. Simultaneously, the event also marks SSR’s strong commitment to providing optimal solutions and delivering an outstanding supply chain experience for both customers and partners. 

Benefits When Enterprises Join VLA 

Joining VLA opens up many cooperation and exchange opportunities for SSR Logistics with more than 200 leading logistics companies in Vietnam. At the same time, as an official member of the Association, SSR Logistics’ reputation and position are also enhanced, creating favorable conditions for expanding the business scale, investing in technology, and improving service quality. Realize the goal of becoming the leading logistics service provider in Vietnam. 

For customers and partners, SSR Logistics joining VLA also brings added value through comprehensive, optimal logistics services at competitive costs. The Vietnamese business community and consumers will benefit from the strong development of national logistics through the contributions of the Association. 

What is VLA? 

The Vietnam Logistics Business Association (VLA), formerly known as the Vietnam International Freight Forwarders Association (VIFFAS), serves as the representative body for the logistics industry, including import and export activities in Vietnam.  

VLA’s members consist of leading Vietnamese companies in the logistics sector, such as Gemadept, IndoTran, Sotrans, and others. This association plays a crucial role in representing the common interests of the industry and facilitating connections between the government and the logistics business community in Vietnam. 

VLA ENSSR Logistics becomes an official member of the Vietnam Logistics Business Association (VLA)

VLA’s Role

VLA plays a crucial role in linking and fostering collaboration among service providers in freight forwarding, transportation, and logistics both domestically and internationally. Its primary goal is to establish a prominent role for logistics as a key economic sector in Vietnam, facilitating the modernization of logistics services, fostering regional and global logistics connectivity, and effectively contributing to the overall economic development of the country and the growth of businesses within the industry.

Throughout its existence and development, VLA has undertaken impactful activities that influence the logistics industry, as well as domestic and international freight and transportation operations. It has become a reliable organization for logistics service businesses, connecting logistics companies with government agencies to help the government grasp the opportunities and challenges within the industry, creating more favorable conditions for development. VLA is currently a member of prestigious organizations such as FIATA (The International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations), AFFA (Abingdon Freight Forwarding Agency Ltd), IATA (The International Air Transport Association), and others.

SSR Logistics is consistently supported by the Association in safeguarding its legal rights and interests while fulfilling the responsibilities and powers of the Association. Importantly, this step serves as a milestone for SSR Logistics to join FIATA, IATA, and others, aiming to integrate into the industry regionally and internationally. This aligns with SSR Logistics’ mission to leverage its internal strength, providing professional logistics solutions to serve customers globally.

As an official member of the VLA Association, SSR Logistics is proud to contribute to the overall development of the industry. We commit to promoting all resources and maximizing competitive advantages to provide the most effective logistics solutions for customers and partners.

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