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Exporting Confectionery Customs Procedures

Confectionery is a popular type of food enjoyed by both children and adults. The demand for confectionery products is always high, especially during the year-end season. Many domestic businesses are recognizing this potential and intensifying their efforts to export confectionery to international markets. However, customs procedures often pose significant challenges

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Procedure for importing goods from China

China is one of the world’s most cost-efficient production hubs, resulting in high demand for imported goods from this nation. Vietnam is no exception to this trend. However, importing goods from China to Vietnam involves several intricate steps and requires the validation of various legal documents, which not everyone may

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Importing Functional Foods Declaration

Currently, the demand for functional foods is increasing as people become more health-conscious. In addition to using domestic products, consumers also favor imported functional foods. Therefore, to meet this demand, many businesses have begun importing functional foods from abroad. However, to ensure quality and safety, completing the Importing Functional Foods

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Procedures for Obtaining a Phytosanitary Certificate

The export of plant products from Vietnam to foreign markets such as the US, EU, etc. is increasing day by day. The Phytosanitary Certificate plays an important role in preventing the spread of pests through exported goods. Therefore, understanding the procedures for obtaining a Phytosanitary Certificate is essential for exporting

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